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12. 08. 2022
Travel guides were known and used even by people in ancient times, most often by sailors and merchants, for whom a new genre of travel guides was created: the periplus. ...
08. 08. 2022
An extensive series of experiments has been carried out by researchers from the Institute of Plasma Physics of the CAS and the international ITER project, which aims to start producing clean and almost inexhaustible energy through the so-called ...
05. 08. 2022
The global food system is in the crisis of growth-addicted development. Exploitative of humans and animals, ecologically rapacious, hooked on fossil fuels, and controlled by a small number of multi-national corporations from food to fork, this ...
02. 08. 2022
In the Czech Republic, there is lack of systematic research on ethical problems related to climate change and the so-called emerging technologies. ...
26. 07. 2022
Large amounts of pesticides in agricultural production can negatively affect mycorrhizal fungi, invisible to the naked eye, and thus the ubiquitous cooperation between plants and soil micro-organisms. ...
19. 07. 2022
Breastfeeding for more than half a year has a positive effect on children's psychological development. This was confirmed by a long-term study of Czech and Slovak researchers who observed children from České Budějovice and Karviná. ...

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