The subject of support can be the support of a research project, scientific workplace and popularisation activities, for instance lectures, open houses, science festivals, competitions or exhibitions and the other extensive research and popularisation activities of the Czech Academy of Sciences.
Financial support is understood as various contractually agreed forms of support, which are provided for an agreed direct consideration that leads to the fulfilment of the marketing aims of the partner through promotional and communication activities on the part of the CAS. The relation between the partner and the institution of the CAS is regulated by the Contract on Advertising or the Contract on Sponsorship.
Financial and non-financial donations are accepted from individuals and entrepreneurial entities (legal and physical entities). Non-financial donations are understood as support based on the provision of consultancy services, education, rental space, loaned technology, implementation of graphic and advertising services, provision of advertising space, material needs or directly its own property or production for free. The donor receives upon request a Confirmation of a Gift Received or a Donation Contract.


Voluntarism is understood as any form of socially beneficial activity of a physical or legal entity in the sense of assistance through his/her/its free time, own knowledge or skills. Professional volunteers provide through their knowledge potential aid for instance in the area of professional consultancy, marketing activities, development and administration of information technologies, training or education of scientists and employees etc. Voluntary activity is regulated by an Order Contract or a Contract on the Performance of Work Activity.



How to became our Partner

If you or your company are interested in becoming a partner of the Czech Academy of Sciences, contact us by e-mail at or in writing at:

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