The French Research Centre in Humanities and Social Sciences in Prague (CEFRES), the Charles University in Prague (UK), the Czech Academy of Sciences (CAS) and CNRS are united within a Czech-French scientific cooperation platform named “CEFRES Platform” thanks to an Agreement from 2014. Due to the expiration of the Agreement, a contract extension was signed on 6 November 2019, which extended the original contract for another five years.

The CEFRES Platform initiates common scientific and educational programmes in social sciences and humanities. It supports scientific training for young researchers and publishing of common academic research. A steering committee gathers all partner research institutions.

TANDEM Program

Every two years, the CEFRES Platform launches a call for applications for the “TANDEM” incubator program, which endeavours to excellency in social sciences and humanities. In 2021´ call for the period 2/2022-1/2024, a project proposal of the researchers of Petr Gibas, PhD. (Institute of Sociology of the CAS) and Dr. Chloé Mondémé (CNRS) called Home beyond species: More-than-human dwelling in the age of crises was selected by the CAS CEFRES Platform Committee. The next call shell be launched in 2023.

In January 2022, the project of researchers Michèle Baussant (CNRS) a Johanny Wyss (Institute of Ethnology, CAS) entitled Europe: A Resentful Confederation of Vanquished People? Raw and lapsed memories of post-imperial (European) minorities ended. The project was realized in period 2/2020-1/2022.

At the beginning of the year 2020, a project called Bewildering Boar: Changing Cosmpolitics of Hunt in Europe and Beyond of researchers Mgr. Luděk Brož, MPhil., Ph.D. (Institute of Ethnology, CAS) and Virginie Vaté, Ph.D. (CNRS) ended. An article in French about the project was published in the CNRS bulletin (May 2019), page 10. The success of the project is also proved by the fact that the researcher, Luděk Brož, received one of the most prestigious scientific support: the ERC € 2 million consolidation grant in 2019. The ERC consolidation grant will be used over the next five years to continue the research of the relationship between hunters, boars and biosafety.


Tomáš Kostelecký, member of the Academy Council of the CAS and coordinator of the CAS for the TANDEM program

Denisa Zemanová, CAS, Division of International Cooperation, Národní 3, 110 00 Prague 1


CAS CEFRES Platform Committee - an advisory committee of the CAS Academy Council overseeing the TANDEM programme of the CEFRES Platform. List of members here.

Steering Committee - makes the operational decisions related to the Platform, is composed of members of the three partner institutions and meets three times a year. List of members and rules of procedure here.

Scientific Board - appraise the collaborative scientific policy and evaluate applications submitted to the post of director of CEFRES. It consists of eight members, two each appointed by Charles University in Prague, the Czech Academy of Sciences, the French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs and the CNRS Research Centre. List of members here.

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